Heavy metals toxicants in the environment

Hidrogeologia, hidro-geochimia, hidrologia izotopilor, geochimia mediului, geologia mediului, remediere a loturilor contaminate, geologia inginerească, GIS. Soil contamination and risks for human health in Low Danube Region.

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The study of modern and obsolete pesticides in groundwater of Republic of Moldova. The characteristic of stable isotope composition of the precipitation for the evaluation of water cycle in transboundary region of Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova. Natural radioactivity and risk to population in selected recreational and beach sites from Black and Aegean Seas in Romania and Greece.

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Evaluation of groundwater quality through environmetrics. Technical and survey report on the proposed improvement of the groundwater monitoring network in the Danube-Prut and Black Sea River basin in Moldova.

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Support in the update of the delineation of groundwater bodies and the design of a groundwater monitoring network in the Danube-Prut and Black Sea river basin district in Moldova.

Smart and connected sensors network for watercontamination monitoring and situational awareness.

Sidorenco, H, Hahn, Springer,p. The study of heavy metals toxicants in the environment substances in Low Danube region of Republic of Moldova.

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The analysis of groundwater quality in monitoring network of Republic of Moldova. ENE, O. Groundwater level and quality in selected sectors of the middle Nistru River valley. Odessa,p.

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Bogdevich O. Evaluarea riscurilor de mediu si seismic in Euroregiunea Dunarii de Jos. Aspecte metodologice,32 p.