Schistosomiasis freshwater snails. Schistosomiasis snail species

schistosomiasis freshwater snails

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Click aici! Află mai mult Schistosomiasis Outbreak in Leyte, Philippines An official from the local health department reported an outbreak of schistosomiasis in Baybay City in Leyte, an area where no single case of schistosomiasis has been reported in the last 10 years.

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Since November until early December, more than 57 cases have been reported in the city. Sfaturi Schistosomiasis is spread by contact schistosomiasis freshwater snails fresh water contaminated with the parasitic flatworms called schistosomes that are released by infected freshwater snails.

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Exposure often occurs during fishing or farming. The risk of exposure for the general traveller is usually low. However, an increasing number of tourists are acquiring the disease due to the increased popularity of eco-tourism and travelling to remote destinations.

Schistosomiasis: A deadly infection carried by freshwater snails

Travellers can reduce the risk of exposure to this infection by avoiding contact with contaminated water while fishing, swimming, bathing, wading, or farming where contaminated snails discharge into water sources.